Participating Associations and Dissemination

Many different associations took part in the project and helped contribute to the purpose of it: creating empathy with the disabled among our students:

- The Invisible Exhibition in Budapest

- The Institute for the Blind in Budapest

- Fundació Rubrikatus in El Prat de Llobregat ( Barcelona)

- Fundació Dincat in Barcelona
This Association for the intellectually disabled made a conference in our high school Joan Miró during the international visit in Barcelona.

Here you have the slideshare of the conference

And here you have the piece of news about it that they posted in their webpage:
This school for students with special needs received the help from our student volunteers during two terms. They posted it in their webpage.

- Fundació No Somos Invisibles: This association for people with cerebral palsy came to the High School Joan Miró and then they posted about it in their webpage

- Radió Cornellà: our students went to the local radio to explain our project and their experiences in Budapest and as volunteers in Virolai school. Here you have the podcast

- Cornellà Informa  Here you have the piece of news that appeared in our local magazine, regarding the international visit

- The Aston Villa Foundation in Birmingham hosted our students and helped them learn about inclusive activities through sport, and they and our partner Tile Cross Academy posted it in both their twitter accounts:

- The Arka Foundation in Gozo is a voluntary, non-governmental organization that promotes the welfare of people with special needs and their families. It was visited by our students and teachers during our stay in Malta:

- Our partners in Malta SMC Verdala posted the piece of news about our visit to Cospicua in their facebook page:

- The webpage of Institut Joan Miró also posted many different news of the visits to the different countries:

-  The webpage of the Turkish School Yil Cumhuryet Ortaokulu also posted many different news, pictures and videos of the visits to the different countries:

- As part of the project´s internationalisation, the Turkish team also posted a video of all the project in EBA, a Turkish Education online magazine which also has an English version: