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Our trip to Budapest was amazing. Thanks to our lovely Hungarian hosts, we had the opportunity of enjoying this interesting and fascinating city, meeting lots of new students and teachers and above all, sharing wonderful experiences.

The games students played together and their shared meals contributed to creating a nice atmosphere from the very beginning. The guided tours around the city and the trip to Normafa with its amazing views was worth every minute.

The two days we worked together in the Waldorf School made a difference in our perspective of what it feels like to be visually impaired. The Invisible Exhibition contributed even more to this feeling. And last but not least, the international evening helped us learn from each other. We will miss you all, see you in Barcelona!

Here you have the rest of the pictures.


Activities in Budapest

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Only three days until the visit to Budapest!

Everyone, both students and teachers, are really looking forward to meeting the rest of the groups, getting to know each other and enjoying a wonderful experience in Budapest. It will be incredible!
Here you have the programm of the visit:

6-7 March (Mon-Tue):
• arrival of the participants

8 March (Wed): in the school
• 10:00 arrival to the school KIWI (Kispest Waldorf School)
• 10:30 starting game
• 11:15 introducing of the event and the programs
• 11:30 knowing each other: name games, team building games
• 12:30 lunch in the school // dark room (parallel)
• 14:00 guided tour in the city by bus (till 17:00)

9 March (Thu): in the city

• 10:30 meeting at the Invisible Exhibition
• 11:00—13:00 Invisible Exhibition (
• 13:00—13:30 lunch in the city
• 14:00—16:00 guided walking tour in the Buda Castle
• 17:00 international evening at the main hostel together

10 March (Fri): in the school, together with students from the “Institute for the Blinds”

• 10:00 starting the day at the school
• 10:30 Goalball tournament
• 12:00 lunch in the school
• 12:30—14:00 rhythm and music session

11 March (Sat): on the hills

• 10:00 meeting at “Széll Kálmán tér” (underground station at Buda),
then travelling up to Normafa (top of Buda) by public transport
• 10:45 warming up games
• 11:00—12:00 blindfolded game in the forest
• 12:00 short walk (30 min) to the lookout tower
• 13:30 travelling down by chairlift “Libegő” (in good weather condition)

12 March (Sun): in the city

• 10:00 meeting at Eleven Park (
or CsoPa Science Center (
• 10:00—10:30 discussing the week together with the students
then: 10:30—12:00
• for teachers: discussion of the week & future plans
• for the students: free time enjoying inside EP / CsoPa

13-14 March (Mon-Tue):

• free time / departure of the participants

First teacher´s meeting in Amsterdam

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Our first common meeting was very interesting! We met all the participants in the project for the first time, the atmosphere was very nice and we got on really well with each other. Many things had to be agreed and the dates for the different trips were planned. Apart from that, we had some time to visit Amsterdam and we also visited the Dutch school that will participate in the project, CSG Buitenveldert.

All the teachers in front of the Dutch secondary school


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